Practical models for better water management decisions

M&A offers the largest, most experienced groundwater modeling team in the western United States. We employ nearly 20 professionals who are proficient in a variety of numerical groundwater flow and transport modeling codes for both saturated and unsaturated media. Our predictive models can incorporate future uncertainties such as climate change or estimated future urban and agricultural water demand through scenarios or probabilistic simulations. Our models are used in the following applications:

  • Long-term basin-wide planning
  • Development of groundwater supplies
  • Groundwater sustainability assessment
  • Incorporate climate projections and surface water availability assessments
  • Seawater intrusion
  • Typical codes include MODFLOW, MODFLOW-OWHM, GSFLOW, and IWFM
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Projection of groundwater impacts from recharge operations
  • Aquifer storage and recovery projects
  • Assessment of travel times in support of indirect potable reuse
  • Determining capture zone of an extraction wellfield
  • Evaluating risks of losing containment of a plume
  • Assessing when a remedy needs to be expanded
  • Determining remediation cost allocation
  • Typical codes include MODFLOW, MT3D, USG-Transport, MODPATH, and modPATH3DU
  • Groundwater flow and transport modeling in support of lithium and potassium brine reserve estimation
  • Seamless integration with 3D resource estimates
  • Simulate variable density flow if required
  • Use numerical modeling to evaluate and optimize production wellfield design
  • Typical codes include MODFLOW-USG and MODFLOW-SURFACT
  • All aspects of mining operations from environmental impacts, water supply, and feasibility through mine operations and closure
  • Mine dewatering and depressurization assessments
  • Modeling in support of permitting requirements
  • Pore-pressure modeling
  • Tailings seepage evaluations
  • Water supply development
  • Typical codes include MODFLOW-USG and MODFLOW-SURFACT
  • Provide confidence bounds with model projections
  • Use multiple techniques, from simple to complex
  • Communicate uncertainty with clients and stakeholders
  • GoldSim Certified Solution Provider

In addition, we often use 3D Geologic Models such as Leapfrog to develop input and present results in a way that is accessible to project stakeholders. Our 3D Geologic Modeling includes:

  • Conceptual hydrogeologic model development
  • Numerical model input development
  • 3D visualization

To learn more, contact Juliet McKenna at 520.881.4912 or in California, Lisa Porta at 916.661.8389

Representative Clients

Arizona Public Service

The Boeing Company

Carpinteria Valley Water District

Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi SMC

El Paso Water Utilities

Engineering & Environmental Consultants, Inc. / City of Tucson

Eramine Sudamerica S.A. and ERAMET

Galaxy Resources Limited

General Moly

Motorola Solutions

North Indian Bend Wash Participating Companies

Raytheon Company

Rio Algom Mining LLC

U.S. Air Force / URS (now AECOM)

Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency

Sonoma County Water Agency

Texas Water Conservation Board