Providing data collection, management, and visualization, and ensuring access to high quality datasets

  • Monitoring system/sampling program design
  • Instrumentation recommendation/ implementation
  • Telemetry system design/installation
  • Same-day access to field data

Database Services

  • HydroSQL and EnviroSQL databases
  • Data-collection programs
  • Management, QA/QC, and data sharing
  • Data storage, management, and report generation
  • Secure web-portal interfaces

GIS & Geospatial Analysis

  • Digital mapping and data management
  • Geospatial analysis, web mapping, and portal applications
  • 3D analysis and visualization
  • Expert integration of GIS and remote sensing data

Remote Sensing Analysis

  • Track surface water conditions and assess vegetation
  • Identify groundwater/surface water interaction
  • Document land uses and understand geologic features
  • Identify and analyze landscape changes

Web Hosting & User Interfaces

  • Custom web portals providing front-end interface
  • Seamless transition from data collection to visualization
  • Empowering clients to make data-driven decisions
  • Document repository for hydrologic information

To learn more, contact Staffan Schorr at 520.881.4912

Representative Clients

Arizona Public Service

The Boeing Company

City of Surprise

North Indian Bend Wash Participating Companies

Resolution Copper

Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency

Tucson Electric Power