Safely exceeding client expectations

The health and safety of our employees, clients, subcontractors, teaming partners, and the public are top priorities for M&A. Our goal is to conduct business with zero workplace injuries and occupational illnesses and meet applicable regulatory and client health and safety policies and expectations.

We believe all occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented through proactive health and safety risk management. While it is not possible for a workplace to be free of hazards, all hazards can be safeguarded. Operating safely enhances our services and reduces cost.

We have created a work culture that emphasizes safety. Company leadership has committed ample resources toward the health and safety program, and all staff members are authorized and expected to implement these practices. We provide employees with the training, resources, and time needed to work safely. In return, our employees are expected to actively support the health and safety program and work cooperatively to ensure the health and safety of all.

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