February 15, 2024

Category: News

Montgomery & Associates is proud to sponsor the Multi-State Salinity Coalition 2024 Annual Summit February 28-March 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lisa Porta, P.E., Principal Water Resources Engineer and California Water Strategy Lead, will serve as an exhibitor in the Water Experts Round Table where she will have the opportunity to discuss projects and services with conference attendees. Also attending the summit is Andrew Feltman, P.G., Senior Hydrogeologist.

Keynote speaker is Sharon Megdal, Director of the University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center, with whom M&A has close ties.

The mission of the Coalition is to promote advancements in technologies for desalination and reuse, salinity control strategies, water/energy efficiencies, and related public policies that will assist communities in meeting their water needs.

For more information about services at Montgomery & Associates–now in our 40th year– please contact Lisa or visit our website.

Andrew Feltman and Lisa Porta

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