January 20, 2023

Category: News

Georgina King, P.G., C.Hg., Principal Hydrogeologist, recently returned from the Kingdom of Eswatini on a volunteer assignment with Thirst Project. As a member of the Water Technical Board since 2021, Georgina met with staff to discuss projects designed to bring clean water to developing areas.

“I lived there with my family from age 5 to 10, which was formative in developing my love of geology and geography,” King said.

Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that works with the support of young people to end the global water crisis by building groundwater wells equipped with handpumps and implementing sustainability measures to ensure each project’s long-term benefit and operation.

View the story map Georgina created here.

Georgina King helps in the field for Thirst Project

Georgina King with fellow members of Thirst Project Water Technical Board

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