April 27, 2023

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M&A has helped develop more than one-third of the approved GSPs in California

We are pleased to announce Montgomery & Associates (M&A) led and/or significantly contributed to 6 of the 12 Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) approved today by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). The approved plans include:

  • Eastside Aquifer Subbasin
  • Forebay Aquifer Subbasin
  • Langley Area Subbasin
  • Monterey Subbasin
  • Upper Valley Subbasin
  • Santa Margarita Basin

In its news release, DWR highlighted how they “…are impressed with the effort that local agencies have put into their groundwater sustainability plans.”

“We’re very proud of our entire staff’s commitment to helping our clients retain local control of their important water resources. It’s rewarding to see how our staff’s efforts balancing our client’s needs with DWR’s expectations result in such a significant number of successes.”
Derrik Williams, Principal Hydrogeologist

Since the passage of SGMA in 2014, M&A has led or significantly contributed to 11 of the 30 approved GSPs. Having worked on over one-third of the approved GSPs, M&A has established itself as a statewide leader in guiding local agencies through SGMA and creating successful paths to sustainability. In this collective endeavor to achieve sustainability, we have served as advisors to DWR, local water agencies, stakeholders, and non-governmental organizations. M&A has taken on multiple roles developing GSPs including documenting hydrogeologic conceptual models; understanding surface water/groundwater interactions; assessing groundwater quality; developing and using groundwater models to simulate potential future conditions; supporting development of data management systems; negotiating and justifying sustainable management criteria; providing strategic advice; leading and working with diverse teams; and writing the GSP in accordance with all requirements of SGMA.

For more information about M&A’s groundwater management services in California, please visit our website or contact Lisa Porta, California Water Strategy Lead.

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