Tim Bayley, Ph.D.

Principal Hydrogeologist

Areas of Specialization

Probabilistic Modeling

Applied Statistics

Numerical Modeling

Conceptual Models

Aquifer Testing

Tim Bayley leads our dynamic simulation modeling team. He specializes in probabilistic modeling for decision support, risk analysis, and optimization. Tim has developed numerous probabilistic models in both dynamic simulation and numerical (flow-and-transport) environments. He relies on GIS, Matlab, and other software to develop conceptual models, analyze data, and automate analytical processes.

In recent years, Tim completed a probabilistic numerical flow-and-transport model to establish compliance conditions at a closed uranium mine. He has also played an integral role in the development of GoldSim-based water-demand models for various clients, including Pima and Maricopa Counties. For an industrial client, he developed an ensemble of calibrated models to assess the risk of pumping to impact a nearby surface water system. In addition, he designed a water-quality compliance program for a landfill in accordance with the EPA’s Unified Guidance on Statistical Analysis of Groundwater Monitoring Data.

Tim is experienced with MODFLOW, Groundwater Vistas, PEST, PEST with null-space Monte Carlo, GoldSim, MATLAB, JMP, ArcGIS, and AQTESOLV.

Tim Bayley

At A Glance

Experience since 2007

Ph.D., Hydrology & Water Resources
University of Arizona

M.S., Watershed Hydrology
University of Arizona

B.S., Geology
Wheaton College

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