Mine Dewatering

Field and modeling services for effective dewatering strategies


Mines can face dewatering challenges during design, operation, and closure. M&A provides field testing, data analysis, and groundwater modeling services to characterize and project conditions in complex, fractured-rock hydrogeologic environments. Our local-scale models are calibrated to observed data and tested for sensitivity to various input parameters so that we can predict pit-dewatering requirements. These local-scale models are often coupled with regional models to simulate the long-term effects of existing or proposed mining operations.


  • Designing / implementing drilling and testing programs to characterize fractured-rock systems
  • Analyzing hydraulic data to estimate aquifer parameters
  • Designing / implementing monitoring programs to characterize aquifer conditions and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Projecting pit dewatering requirements and filling rates using groundwater flow models
  • Projecting local and regional water levels under mining and post-closure conditions
  • Developing pit-lake water balances
  • Projecting pore pressures so geotechnical engineers can assess rock stability

To learn about our mining hydrogeology services, watch the video below: