Offering custom data management systems and data collection programs


M&A DMS is a comprehensive in-house data management system used to manage and share data for hydrogeologic projects. Developed by M&A, this proprietary SQL database includes templates for common hydrologic data including water levels, pumping, surface water flows, lithology, well construction, and spring and stream data. Field staff can populate and QA/QC the database using M&A’s custom HydroSQL data management application, which can also process and live-stream telemetry data, allowing clients and team members to access data in real time via our secure web portal. Also on the web portal, clients and team members can visualize monitoring site and GIS data on web maps; plot time-series water level, pumping, flow, and water quality data on charts; and view photos, surveys, and other documents associated with monitoring sites. All data stored in the M&A DMS can be readily accessed, visualized, and queried by the client and project team, and the entire project database can be transferred to the client upon request.

EnviroSQL Database

M&A provides unmatched quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) for client hydrochemical and water quality databases. Our team can customize the level of QA/QC to match client and regulatory requirements such as ensuring chains-of-custody are properly tracked, verifying the accuracy of lab analyses, checking mass balance, verifying total-dissolved relationships, and comparing results to past values. Once data have undergone QA/QC review and any issues have been rectified with the lab, the data are loaded into our standardized database for data storage, management, and report generation using our EnviroSQL database platform (powered by Geotech Computer Systems’ Enviro Data software). EnviroSQL can also be used to store and manage historical water quality. Our EnviroSQL database seamlessly integrates with the M&A DMS and our web portal, providing clients access to tables, maps, and charts as soon as the data are entered into the database.

Access Databases

For projects not using M&A DMS, M&A can develop custom Access databases to store hydrogeologic data for clients. These databases can be developed to meet the the needs of the project and can range from relatively simple to complex, with dashboards allowing clients and team members to visualize and summarize hydrologic data, including monitoring site data and time-series water level, pumping, and flow data stored in indexed tables. These databases can also be optimized for querying data and generating reports and can be transferred to the client as a deliverable.

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