August 9, 2015

Category: News

The University of Arizona’s Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) recently published its annual newsletter, Arroyo. This year’s edition is entitled “Closing the Water Demand–Supply Gap in Arizona.” It covers the state’s current water situation, future challenges, and options for closing the demand-supply gap that has been the focus of much media attention in recent years.

One of the three authors of this year’s Arroyo was Madelyn Ryder, a former UA student who was awarded M&A’s summer writing internship in 2014. Prior to graduating in December 2014, Madelyn was pursuing a dual degree in natural resources (B.S.) and environmental studies (B.A.). During her internship, she spent 6 weeks conducting research for the newsletter, a task that entailed reading publications from over 50 government, industry, and academic sources. Much of the information presented in this year’s Arroyo was based on three documents: Reclamation’s Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study, the final report of the Water Resources Development Commission, and ADWR’s Arizona’s Next Century: A Strategic Vision for Water Supply Sustainability.

M&A’s support of Arroyo continues a longstanding tradition. Each year, we sponsor the WRRC summer internship for a student who is interested in gaining experience writing about environmental and water resource issues.

Download the 2015 Arroyo here.

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