December 15, 2021

Category: News

M&A Tucson continues its decades long tradition of helping neighbors in need during the holiday season. Each year in December, employees donate food to create 24 gift boxes for families of their next-door neighbor, Holaway Elementary School. Recipients are selected by the school staff and the holiday-wrapped boxes are delivered to them right before Christmas.

Hydrochemist Leilani Bew, who organizes the effort, said, “The project has meant so much to the employees over the years. It has been a joy to come together and remember how blessed we are – and that we have enough to share with others. It wouldn’t seem like the holidays without it!”

Each box is filled with a grocery store gift card and cans and boxes of mostly non-perishable food items like vegetables, pasta, and soup. Gabriela Martinez, assistant controller, also solicited staff to bake homemade cookies to include!

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