December 20, 2023

Category: News

This week marks 30 years of M&A’s Tucson office helping families in need at its neighboring school, Holaway Elementary. M&A employees donated food and cash and presented the school principal with 24 shopping bags, each containing non-perishable food, homemade cookies, and a $145 gift card. This community service endeavor was once again spearheaded by Leilani Bew, hydrochemist and long-time M&A employee. Felicia Aalberg, accounting specialist, coordinated the homemade cookie drive, and several other employees supported the effort.

“This is really important to these families and one of the best things we do as a company,” said Hale Barter, M&A president.

Leilani Bew and Felicia Aalberg deliver this year’s bounty.


Principal Trechel Valentin (left) and staff member Beti Verdugo (right) accept M&A’s donation.


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