May 15, 2019

Category: News

M&A’s own Derek Groenendyk (Hydrologist) adds Oreo crumbles to Tylani Walker’s cup of pudding and crushed animal crackers, which represents layers of soil, sand, and rocks in their edible aquifer experiments during a school-wide career day at John B. Wright Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona. Kids added milk and straws to understand storage of liquids in the ground during Friday’s activities.  The school had more than 30 representatives of varied careers, from military and first responders to scientists, entrepreneurs, and trades.

“I wanted it to be a hands-on experience for them, being able to see, feel, and even taste. We discussed the various kinds of elements, types of rocks, and how they are formed,” Derek said.  “They were even able to grab a taste from a large salt rock mined from a deposit below Lake Erie. They were able to see demonstrations about the hydrologic cycle including cloud formation and the falling of precipitation. It all culminated in the construction and devouring of aquifers made out of various foods. It was an engaging way to represent the complex structure of the subsurface and demonstrate where our water comes from. The kids were great, and they asked lots of questions. It was a really fun time for everyone including myself.”



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