October 11, 2016

Category: News

Gary Woodard has been sharing the results of recent work he has conducted for municipal clients through a series of talks at professional meetings this fall. These talks focus on the causes and impacts of declining municipal water demand, which he has been analyzing for Phoenix and Tucson area municipalities for several years.

At the annual symposium of Arizona Hydrological Society on September 15–16, he presented a talk entitled “How the Other Half Saves Water: Patterns and Trends in Non-residential Demand.” He also moderated a session on Colorado River shortage, emceed a luncheon program, and moderated a presidential “debate” on water policy issues in the West.

Most recently, Woodard attended the 9th annual Water Smart Innovations conference in Las Vegas on October 5–7, where he presented a talk on “Disentangling Demand: Conservation Programs, Consumer Preferences, Rates, and Efficiency Standards.”

He will present at a national AWWA conference on Water Infrastructure, to be held in Phoenix on October 31 – November 2. His presentation is entitled “Old Assumptions, New Realities: Declining Municipal Demand and Stranded Infrastructure.”

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