March 31, 2010

Category: News

M&A is proud to announce two winners of the 2010 Montgomery Prize: Erika Gallo, a graduate student in hydrology, and Christine Gans, a doctoral candidate in seismology. We award the $2,000 cash prize to graduate students at the University of Arizona who present their papers two symposia — El Dia de Agua (Department of Hydrology and Water Resources) and GeoDaze (Department of Geosciences) — based on the recommendation of a panel of faculty members and professionals. In addition to the cash prize, both winners are invited to make presentations to staff in our Tucson office. Erika Gallo’s paper was entitled “Controls on Monsoonal Storm Runoff Magnitude and Quality of Urban Catchments in the Tucson Basin” by Erika Gallo, P.D. Brooks, and K.A. Lohse. Christine Gans presented her research on “Imaging the Flat Slab Beneath the Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina, Using Receiver Functions: Evidence for Overthickened and Broken Subducted Oceanic Crust” by C.R. Gans, S.L. Beck, G. Zandt, H. Gilbert, H. and P. Alvarado. The NAU Montgomery Prize will be awarded and reported on soon.

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