March 29, 2006

Category: News

For the past 9 years, M&A has been pleased to award the Montgomery Prize to a student from the University of Arizona’s Hydrology & Water Resources Department. The recipient is selected by a panel of professionals based on oral presentations at the El Dia del Agua Symposium. An annual 1-day event, the symposium serves as a research showcase for the Department and features both poster sessions and oral presentations. The award, one of many given at this event, includes $1,000 in cash — a symbol of M&A’s ongoing commitment to promoting excellence in research and communication in the field of hydrology. The 2006 El Dia del Agua Symposium was held on Thursday, March 2nd, at the Grand Ballroom of the U of A’s Student Union Memorial Center. This year’s Montgomery Prize winner was Akif Sarikaya, a Ph.D. candidate. Leslie Katz of M&A presented the prize for Akif’s outstanding presentation “Glaciations in Aladaglar and Sandiras: New Paleoclimatic Clues in Turkey.” This work explores reasons why the two Turkish mountains, Aladaglar and Sandiras, had different glaciological and climatic histories.

Download the abstract [39 KB PDF]

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