April 17, 2019

Category: News

Dr. Errol “Monte” Montgomery, founder of Montgomery & Associates (M&A), certainly hasn’t been stagnant in retirement. In fact, Monte continues to support the Arizona hydrogeology community in many ways. On Saturday, April 27, 2019, he will serve as one of the co-leaders of the Arizona Hydrological Society (AHS) Beer ’n Bus field trip.

A former professor of geology at Northern Arizona University (NAU), Monte always enjoys opportunities to return to the northern part of the state, and on this trip he will tour geological points of interest and interact with field trip participants along the way. The bus leaves from Scottsdale, and the planned day-long itinerary includes stopping at Montezuma Well, Page Springs, Devil’s Kitchen in Sedona, the Lake Mary Well Field, Tonto Bridge National Monument (time permitting), and Payson. This event is hosted by the AHS Flagstaff chapter, and Monte’s co-leader is Dr. Abe Springer from NAU.

M&A is a proud sponsor of this event. Lauren Candreva, our newest hydrogeologist in the Phoenix office, will join Monte and AHS members on the Beer ’n Bus trip. Proceeds from the trip will benefit the AHS Charles Avery Intern Scholarship, which gives one recipient each year an opportunity to gain experience with water resources and environmental organizations in the Flagstaff area.

For more information, visit azhydrosoc.org.

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