June 15, 2011

Category: News

M&A is proud to announce that Michele Robertson was recently invited to serve on an independent advisory panel for the National Water Research Institute (NWRI). The panel is conducting an expert review of Tucson Water’s effluent master plan.

In addition to M&A’s Michele Robertson, the seven-person panel includes experts from the University of Arizona, the California Department of Health, and the West Basin Municipal Water District. These panelists are contributing expertise in engineering, microbiology, water reuse criteria, hydrogeology, and public policy, health, and outreach. As ADEQ’s former Groundwater Section Manager, Michele offers perspectives on both hydrogeologic and regulatory factors that may limit the reuse of treated effluent in Arizona.

The panel met for two days in May and plans to convene another session in the fall. Participants will summarize the meeting proceedings, findings, and recommendations in brief reports.

NWRI, a 501c(3) nonprofit based in Fountain Valley, California, sponsors projects and programs focused on ensuring safe, reliable sources of water now and for future generations.

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