September 24, 2010

Category: News

For the past 4 years, M&A has been publishing the Arizona Water Policy Update, a monthly newsletter about events that have the potential to impact the price and availability of water in Arizona. Written by our staff experts, this newsletter includes up-to-date information and analysis on water policy issues in Arizona and the Colorado River basin. We are excited to announce the launch of a new online version of the Update. This site allows users to search archived issues and filter by date or topic. Contact Juliet McKenna to learn more about this service.

In addition, M&A subscribers have access to another water policy and planning tool: the Report Digests. Also available in a searchable online format, the Report Digest is designed for managers and decision makers who require timely updates and in-depth analysis of Arizona water policy issues. Subscribers receive an average of five reports per month. The reports provide an analysis of key water-related meetings and events in Arizona. Contact Juliet McKenna to learn more.

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