November 29, 2011

Category: News

M&A’s Mark Myers, a specialist in water policy and economics, has been invited to participate in a workshop on water transfers in the Western states. The last of three meetings sponsored by the Western Governors’ Association and the Western States Water Council, this workshop will be held in Las Vegas on December 12 and 13.

The workshop — part of a larger, yearlong project — brings together about 50 people to identify water-transfer strategies that avoid or mitigate adverse impacts to agricultural economies, rural communities, and environmental systems. It will precede the Colorado River Water Users Association (CRWUA) meeting by several days and draw on Colorado Basin experts to share their perspectives. Juliet McKenna and Taylor Shipman will be attending the CRWUA meeting.

Mark Myers leads M&A’s Water Policy & Economics group, which also includes McKenna and Shipman. He has served on the Governor’s Arizona Water Protection Fund Commission and the Arizona Water Banking Authority Study Commission.

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