October 14, 2013

Category: News

The work of Gary Woodard, a senior water policy and economics specialist with M&A, was recently highlighted in the Arizona Daily Star. The article recaps a study he is conducting on household-level water demands, which have been declining steadily for many years in Pima County. This declining trend not only defies previous predictions about water use but it also poses numerous planning challenges to those who must make decisions about implementing capital improvements, acquiring new supplies, setting rates, designing conservation programs, and reusing reclaimed water.

Woodard has been providing expertise to a group of water providers and regulatory agencies for this project. Its goals are to identify the principal causes and likely extent of the declines and to assess whether impacts are likely to be temporary or permanent. He discussed the preliminary study results at the Arizona Hydrological Society’s annual symposium, where he presented a plenary talk and moderated technical sessions on municipal water use and management.

Woodard joined M&A in 2012 after a 30-year career at the University of Arizona. He specializes in modeling and forecasting municipal water demands, evaluating water rights and infrastructure, designing water rate structures, and providing litigation support. He has won numerous awards for his outreach efforts to water professionals.

To read the article online, click here.

Gary Woodard and M&A were also featured in an October 6 article on rainfall (or the lack thereof) in Tucson this past summer. Click here to read it in the online edition of the Arizona Daily Star.

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