August 11, 2023

Category: News

Professionals from Montgomery & Associates (M&A) will participate in Water Congress 2023: 11th International Congress on Water Management in Mining and Industrial Processes, September 6-8 in Santiago, Chile. Presenting at the event are Héctor Venegas from our Tucson office and from our Santiago office, Manuel Merino, principal engineering hydrologist; Eduardo Muñoz-Castro; Mijal Baron-Zagal; Diego Ojeda; Juan Gallegos; and Laura Poza.

Héctor’s talk, which he will give with colleagues from the University of Arizona where he is currently a doctoral student, is titled “Estimating groundwater levels from satellite data and machine learning: a novel approach for water management.” Our representatives from Chile will co-present “The effects of estimated spatial distribution of precipitation on water balance and recharge estimates.”

Water Congress 2023 is an annual event that brings together experts in water management to share practices and solutions for the most relevant issues facing the industry.

For information on M&A’s services in the United States, please contact Juliet McKenna, P.G., principal hydrogeologist; and in South America, Mike Rosko, P.G., principal hydrogeologist; or visit our website.

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