June 27, 2023

Category: News

M&A is a proud sponsor of the Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) 2023 Annual Conference to be held at the University of Arizona in Tucson July 11-12. The theme for this year’s conference is What Can We Do? Solutions to Arizona’s Water Challenges.

Juliet McKenna, P.G., principal hydrogeologist, will moderate a panel on adapting policy. She also co-authored a presentation with The Nature Conservancy titled Opportunities for Stormwater Recharge in Arizona: Augmentation and Benefits. Mekha Pereira, M&A groundwater hydrologist, will also attend the conference.

The WRRC conference aims to address pressing water resource challenges currently facing Arizona and the region by bringing forward ideas that offer pathways to water security for all.

For more information about the conference or to learn about M&A’s services, please contact Juliet.

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