August 22, 2015

Category: News

The 28th annual symposium of the Arizona Hydrological Society (AHS) is approaching. This year’s event will be held September 16–19 at the Desert Willow Conference Center in Phoenix. Several M&A staff members are scheduled to present talks that relate to the symposium’s theme “Where Did the Water Go?

Ed McGavock will give two of these talks:

  • “What is the Source of the Upper Verde Springs?”[1]
  • “Has Big Chino Pumping Affected the Upper Verde River?”

Tim Bayley will present a talk on “Modeling Municipal Demand to Improve Estimates of Groundwater Sustainability” with coauthors Gary Woodard and Megan Zivic. Gary will also present a talk entitled “Designing Effective Water Rates in an Era of Declining Demand.”

M&A is also sponsoring the event.

To learn more about the symposium, visit

[1] For a sneak preview of this talk, see this month’s HydroNote

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