April 28, 2017

Category: News

AZ Water’s 90th annual conference will be held next week, from May 3–5, at the Phoenix Convention Center. Three M&A staff members — Gary Woodard, Juliet McKenna, and Mekha Pereira — will be presenting technical sessions at this event. Each talk will highlight some findings of recent M&A projects.

On Thursday morning, Mekha Pereira will be giving a talk entitled, “Spools, Abandonments, and Exhumations: Have We Reached Peak Pool?,” which discusses work we conducted in the Tucson area to characterize the impacts of pool removal, abandonment, maintenance, and replacement on water demand.

Later on Thursday, Gary Woodard will present “Rate Structures, Fixed Costs, Declining Demand, Reduced Revenues: What Really Determines the Price of Water?” This talk examines the reasons why, contrary to conventional wisdom, declining water demand drives price increases.

Finally, on Friday afternoon, Juliet McKenna will present “Basin-wide Recharge Strategy to Support Baseflow in the San Pedro River,” recapping some of her recent work as part of the Cochise Conservation and Recharge Network.

To learn more about the conference, click here.

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