September 4, 2013

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The annual symposium of the Arizona Hydrological Society (AHS) will take place from September 18–21, 2013. M&A has been a long-time supporter of this event, which provides a forum for professionals and students to exchange information and learn about current activities in the hydrologic sciences. It features 2 days of plenary, technical, and poster sessions, along with workshops and field trips.

This year, many M&A staff members are participating in the symposium:

  •  Marla Odom is the symposium chair and has served on various planning committees. She will also convene the MODFLOW workshop.
  •  Brittney Bates has served on various planning committees. She will moderate the “Climate Change I session.”
  •  Tim Bayley is presenting a talk entitled, “Multi-Model Techniques for Improved Hydrologic Decision Making”
  • Dennis Hall is presenting a talk entitled, “Use for Cage-Mounted Transducers for Air-lift Swab Development and Zonal Sampling During Well Construction”
  • Ed McGavock will be moderating the “Technical Applications in Hydrology” session.
  • Gary Woodard will serve as session moderator for “Municipal Water Use and Management” and as session moderator and panelist for “Opportunities and Challenges of Water Resource Management in the Arabian Penninsula.” He will also convene the GoldSim workshops.

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