June 1, 2017

Category: News

M&A’s support of the 2017 Arroyo continues a longstanding tradition of sponsoring a summer internship for a University of Arizona student who is interested in gaining experience writing about environmental and water resource issues. The Arroyo is the annual newsletter of the UA’s Water Resources Research Center (WRRC).

This year’s edition, published June 1, looks at Arizona’s history of water banking and the role of various recharge projects — including many that M&A has sited and designed — in this system. It describes how the elements of water banking, recharge, and recovery operate to provide future security to Arizona’s water users.

The issue features the work of Noah Silber-Coats, a Ph.D. student in the UA’s School of Geography and Development. His research has focused on the effects of a boom in small hydropower in Veracruz, Mexico, and the social and political dimensions of re-engineering electric grids to rely on high proportions of renewable energy.

Read the 2017 Arroyo, entitled “Arizona Water Banking, Recharge, and Recovery”  here.

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