October 29, 2010

Category: News

M&A is playing an integral role in an EIS for the Grand Canyon area. The EIS was initiated in 2009 following a proposal by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to withdraw nearly 1 million acres from operation of the Mining Law of 1872, effectively barring the processing of new claims. This proposal addresses concerns over potential impacts to the Grand Canyon watershed associated with an anticipated increase in the mining of high-grade uranium deposits located on BLM and Forest Service lands. M&A serves as the water-resource consultant on an interdisciplinary team that is headed by SWCA and administered by the BLM. For the Draft EIS, we projected the potential impacts to water and soil resources associated with reasonably foreseeable uranium mining over the next 20 years under a “no-action” alternative, a “proposed action” alternative, and two partial-withdrawal alternatives. In addition to providing technical expertise, we helped develop the alternatives and participated in the public meeting and comment process. Our work on the Draft EIS not only represents the most current and comprehensive characterization of these resources available but it also provides a basis for the cooperating agencies to select an alternative. The Draft EIS is slated for release in November. To learn more, click here.

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