August 10, 2023

Category: News

Montgomery & Associates (M&A) is proud to sponsor and participate in the 2023 Arizona Hydrological Society Symposium, September 13-16 in Flagstaff. Hosted by the Flagstaff chapter and corporate board, the event will feature the latest developments in water science, technology, and policy.

Tristan Dicke, hydrogeologist, will present his poster titled “Using GIS mobile applications to streamline field data collection and data management.” Stop by our booth, #P2, to visit with fellow attendees Amanda Beam, P.G., senior hydrogeologist; Mekha Pereira, groundwater hydrologist; Marla Odom, groundwater hydrologist; and Chelsey Gallagher, hydrogeologist.

To learn about M&A’s services, please visit our website or contact Juliet McKenna, P.G., principal hydrogeologist.

Tristan Dicke

Amanda Beam, P.G.

Mekha Pereira

Marla Odom

Chelsey Gallagher

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