January 27, 2009

Category: News

M&A’s Ed McGavock presented a poster at the 2009 Multi-State Salinity Coalition Annual Salinity Summit in Las Vegas. His poster, entitled “Opportunities for Desalination of Brackish Groundwater in Arizona,” highlights critical areas in the state where desalinated brackish groundwater could replace fresh groundwater or surface water supplies. It also explores how brackish resources could facilitate the use of groundwater that is too saline for direct potable use.

More than 600,000,000 acre-feet of brackish groundwater are estimated to be stored in Arizona aquifers, generally at depths of less than 1,200 feet. Brackish groundwater is integral to Arizona’s future water supply, and M&A is taking on an increasingly more critical role for clients to use this resource. Download his poster (2.7 MB PDF).

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