September 7, 2007

Category: News

M&A is pleased to announce a new water policy monitoring and reporting service. This subscription-based service is ideal for managers, attorneys, and consultants who need water policy information but lack the resources to monitor important trends and developments themselves. We developed this service after recognizing a growing need for managers and decision makers to gather timely, accurate information about water policy trends, water economics, and opportunities for influencing policy development.

A 1-year subscription includes:

  • Direct access to our water policy staff
  • Periodic e-mail reports on relevant meetings of the Central Arizona Project, Arizona Water Banking Authority Commission, Arizona Department of Water Resources, and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
  • A monthly newsletter summarizing important state, regional, and national water issues
  • Quarterly meetings in our office to review and obtain updates related to subscriber interests
  • For more information, contact Juliet McKenna or Mark Myers (520-881-4912).

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