November 24, 2015

Category: News

As part of our continuing commitment to innovation in the field of applied groundwater science, M&A is one of four sponsors of the 2016 Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecture Series. The series is administered by the National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the National Ground Water Association. Named in honor of Henry Darcy of France for his 1856 investigations that established the physical basis for groundwater hydrogeology, the series has reached more than 85,000 students, faculty members, and professionals since 1986.

The 2016 Distinguished Lecturer is Ty Ferré, Ph.D., a professor in the UA’s Department of Hydrology & Water Resources. His lecture, “Seeing Things Differently: Rethinking Relationship between Data and Models,” explores the intersection between digital models and the new methods that scientists are using to characterize the subsurface. He advocates for a more unified approach and will outline methods for combining models and measurements.

Ferré will be presenting his lecture at the M&A offices during the January 2016 Tucson Chapter meeting of the Arizona Hydrological Society.

M&A is pleased to be involved in promoting new approaches to data acquisition and modeling that can reduce costs and improve decision-making by water-resource managers.

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