August 29, 2017

Category: News

During the summer monsoon in Southern Arizona, when it rains, it pours. Rainwater harvesting (RWH) takes advantage of this bounty while also conserving potable water.  Staff from our Tucson office are working on several projects and proposals associated with rainwater harvesting (RWH).  A team led by Gary Woodard is currently involved in the following:

  • Monitoring of rainwater harvesting systems for Tucson Water. This 3-year project is utilizing rain gauges and pressure transducers to measure precipitation along with inflows, outflows, and overflows in residential RWH cistern systems funded in part by rebates from Tucson Water.  Data are uploaded nightly via cell phone-equipped loggers and summarized for the client on a portal. The project, for Tucson Water’s Water Conservation Office, is designed to evaluate the usage and effectiveness of RWH systems.
  • Estimating impacts of RWH rebates on water demand. This econometric analysis is part of an effort on behalf of Arizona Dept. of Water Resources, Tucson Water, and CAP to improve understanding of the impacts of rebate programs on municipal water demand.  These results, along with other analyses, will be reflected in updated water demand models for Pima County providers.
  • RWH workshops. Gary is developing curriculum and teaching workshops that are required for RWH rebate applicants.  The emphasis is on how to design, properly size, and maintain systems.  The work is on behalf of Tucson Water and UA Cooperative Extension’s SmartScape Program.
  • For more information contact Gary Woodard. [email protected]

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