December 21, 2020

Category: News

Despite 2020 being an unprecedented and unpredictable year, a number of M&A employees have achieved significant milestones in their academic and professional development this year:

  • Tiffani Cañez, San Luis Obispo office, M.S. in hydrology
  • Alyssa Kirk, Tucson office, M.S. in hydrology
  • Trevor Pontifex, Sacramento office, M.S. in environmental engineering
  • Ruby Ramos, Tucson office, M.S. in GIS technology
  • Jon Reeves, Tucson office, Professional Geologist certification
  • Sheila Solis-Arroyo, Tucson office, M.S. in hydrology
  • Louis Wersan, Salt Lake City office, Professional Geologist certification
  • Megan Zivic, P.G., Tucson office, M.S. in hydrology

The following employees are currently pursuing advanced degrees:

  • Caryn Fogel, Tucson office, M.A. in professional and digital media writing
  • Derek Groenendyk, Tucson office, Ph.D. in hydrology and atmospheric sciences
  • Mekha Pereira, Tucson office, M.S. in hydrology

M&A encourages and supports employees who wish to further their education and obtain professional certifications. Thank you for your commitment to your career, our company, and providing quality service to our clients. Congratulations!

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