December 5, 2022

Category: News

Juliet McKenna, P.G., principal hydrogeologist, has been appointed to the City of Tucson Citizens’ Water Advisory Committee (CWAC). The purpose of CWAC is to advise the mayor and city council regarding water system planning, water resource planning, and water rates and fees.

As a Pima County resident, Tucson Water customer, and experienced hydrogeologist, Juliet looks forward to helping Tucson with its water resource planning efforts.

“This is an exciting opportunity, and I want to learn more from City staff and other CWAC members,” Juliet said. “I am concerned about our long-term water sustainability and would like to contribute to the City’s decisions in the coming years as Colorado River shortages persist.”

Since Juliet joined the M&A team in 2007, she has provided expertise in developing strategies and managing groundwater for public agencies, water providers, tribal nations, and non-governmental organizations. She has experience coordinating diverse groups of stakeholders and is adept at public outreach and communicating technical information to general audiences.

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