January 27, 2016

Category: News

Juliet McKennaM&A’s own Juliet McKenna, Hydrogeologist and Water Policy Consultant, was recently featured on “Fathoming Water,” a podcast series on KXCI, Tucson’s community radio station. In a 40-minute interview with Melissa Mauzy, Juliet talks about the role of private consulting in water management. She also provides some insights about education for water planning professionals, including the benefits of a hard-science background.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

“Fathoming Water” is designed to educate citizens about water issues. Mauzy’s in-depth discussions with experts are accessible to not only water resource professionals, but also to the lay public. Past guests have included Marie Pearthree, Dr. Robert Glennon, Dr. Sharon Megdal, and Warren Tenney, among others.

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