November 20, 2006

Category: News

Long-time Tucson hydrology consultant Howard Grahn has joined M&A, bringing with him 20 years of experience in mining operations and hydrology. He joins our mining group, where he applies his skills to development and feasibility studies, water resource investigations, and heap-leach monitoring and management projects.

Howard is also helping us expand our field instrumentation capabilities using his expertise in developing automated data-acquisition systems to characterize both saturated and unsaturated environments. His project experience includes installing sensor arrays to help solve a variety of environmental remediation and mine operation challenges such as identifying sulfate contamination in mine waste rock, defining seepage through waste rock and ore-heap cover systems, and characterizing the chemistry and flow characteristics of surface water, groundwater, and unsaturated systems. Finally, Howard has developed in-situ leach-pile instrumentation that allows managers to regulate irrigation rates and air injection in real time.

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