November 11, 2013

Category: News

Gary Woodard, Senior Water Policy & Economics Consultant with M&A, will be presenting a talk at an upcoming AWRA luncheon in Albuquerque on December 10. The talk, “Understanding Trends in Residential Water Demand — Tools for Improved Forecasting and Planning,” describes some interesting findings from an ongoing M&A study in Pima County, where water demand has been declining for several decades.

This study is being supported by a consortium of eight water providers and regulators who want to understand the causes and likely impacts of the declining trend. Unlike previous studies, it considers a broad range of factors, including the effects of house flipping, changing tastes in landscapes and water-based recreation, and homeowner reactions to the breakdown or obsolescence of water-using appliances and fixtures.

To learn more about this study, read our November 2013 editorial from the Arizona Water Policy Update.

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