October 4, 2010

Category: News

M&A welcomes Michele Robertson, the former manager of ADEQ’s Groundwater Section, to our Phoenix office. A registered geologist, Michele brings us over 15 years of experience managing environmental programs in Arizona, with a focus on aquifer protection (APP) permitting, reclaimed water permitting, AZPDES, voluntary actions, WQARF, and CERCLA. Her responsibilities during her 22-year tenure at ADEQ also included evaluating the adequacy of remedial actions, directing remedial investigations, and reviewing draft permits for discharges associated with power plants, mines, industrial facilities, and wastewater treatment systems. In addition to developing the State’s soil remediation standards, she drafted guidance for determining soil concentrations protective of groundwater quality. Michele’s skills will be valuable to M&A’s environmental projects, especially those requiring an APP and other types of permits. Prior to joining ADEQ, Michele worked as a petroleum exploration geologist for about 10 years.

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