January 27, 2012

Category: News

Each month, M&A’s team of water policy experts — Mark Myers, Juliet McKenna, and Taylor Shipman — writes a thought-provoking editorial for the Arizona Water Policy Update, our monthly newsletter. These editorials examine the potential effects of policy, legislation, and other changes on the cost and availability of Arizona water supplies. Recent topics have included the use of reclaimed and brackish water supplies to meet future demands, the relative costs of various large-scale water projects, and the importance of managing demand as supplies decrease.

Previously available only by subscription through our Arizona Water Policy Monitoring & Reporting Service, we are now posting these editorials on our news blog for the public to read and enjoy. We hope they spark some interesting discussions.

M&A welcomes questions about water policy topics;  feel free to contact any one of us.

Juliet M. McKenna, MS, PG | Taylor D. Shipman, MS | Mark H. Myers, MBA

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