August 15, 2013

Category: News

The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is holding its first annual Pillars of Groundwater Innovation conference series in Phoenix, Arizona, this year. The conference, which will take place from November 7–8, recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to hydrogeology and gives them an opportunity to share their perspectives with others in the groundwater industry.

This year’s conference will feature two speakers from M&A: Founder Errol “Monte” Montgomery and Principal Janis Blainer-Fleming. Both will be discussing the use of satellite imagery analysis in groundwater applications.

Dr. Montgomery will provide an overview of the topic. He will discuss how satellite images can be used to establish environmental baselines and to estimate factors such as the distribution of hydrogeologic units, the amount of water in lakes and streams, the health and abundance of vegetation, the temperature of the ocean, and even the presence of water on other planets. Read his abstract…

Ms. Blainer-Fleming’s talk will recap her experience using satellite imaging to help develop a water balance for a tailings impoundment at a mine in the arid Southwest. Read her abstract…

Other speakers at this year’s conference include Mary Anderson, Fletcher Driscoll, and Shlomo Neuman. To learn more, visit the NGWA web site.

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