August 31, 2010

Category: News

The annual Arizona Hydrological Society (AHS) Symposium will be held in Tucson this year, from September 1–4, at the Westin – La Paloma. M&A is sponsoring the event. In addition, Dr. Errol Montgomery, founder of M&A, will be the lunchtime speaker on Thursday, September 2. Dr. Montgomery’s talk is entitled “Other Drylands — Atacama Desert of South America.” He will discuss the hydrogeology of the Atacama Desert, sharing his insights from nearly 30 years of experience conducting investigations in this unique region. His presentation will describe how factors such as location, altitude, precipitation, recharge patterns, salinity, and regulatory issues affect groundwater development — and how conditions in the Atacama compare to those here in Arizona. The theme of this year’s symposium is “Dryland Hydrology: Global Challenges, Local Solutions.” As usual, it will feature workshops, field trips, and 2 days of technical presentations. Be sure to stop by the M&A booth.

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