February 4, 2019

Category: News

Montgomery & Associates (M&A) is pleased to announce that Cameron Tana, P.E., principal hydrologist and California operations manager, will serve as a guest lecturer at the Groundwater Resources Association of California’s Groundwater Sustainability Bootcamp – A Shortcourse, being held at University of California, Davis, February 5-6, 2019. Cameron’s lecture, titled “Sustainable Management Criteria to Manage Seawater Intrusion along the Monterey Bay,” will be on Wednesday, February 6.

The course is co-sponsored by University of California Cooperative Extension Groundwater Hydrology Program and is geared toward those involved in the management, assessment, and protection of groundwater and surface water resources under SGMA (Sustainable Groundwater Management Act). According to the GRAC website, the course “will review the fundamental principles of groundwater and watershed hydrology, water budgets, water quality, and water law and regulation.” This is Cameron’s second year serving as a presenter.

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, M&A has U.S. offices in Phoenix, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and multiple locations in California, as well as South American offices in Chile and Perú. For more information about our services in California, please contact Cameron.

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