May 4, 2023

Category: News

University of Arizona Ph.D. candidate Holly Thomas was recently awarded the $2,500 Montgomery Prize at UArizona’s Department of Geosciences GeoDaze Symposium.

Each year, the event provides graduate and undergraduate students with the opportunity to present their latest research to the community and receive feedback from professionals in geosciences and related fields, government, and academia.

Pictured is Holly Thomas with her advisor, Dr. Marcus Lofverstrom.

M&A, a long-time sponsor of GeoDaze, is proud to recognize Holly’s important research. Her winning presentation is titled “Low top limitations: Dynamical fidelity of modeled Sudden Stratospheric Warming Events in the Community Earth System Model, version 2.1.”

For more information on M&A and our efforts to give back to our communities, please visit our website.

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