Gary C. Woodard, M.P.P, J.D., Senior Water Policy & Economics Consultant

areas of specialization water policy and economic analysis, municipal water demand modeling and forecasting, water rights and infrastructure valuation, water rate design, litigation support

With 30+ years experience in both consulting and academia, Gary Woodard brings a wide array of analytical skills to bear on water policy issues while assisting clients across the Southwest and abroad. He applies his policy “toolkit” — econometric modeling, benefit-cost analysis, survey techniques, and legal analysis — to water asset valuations, demand forecasting, and litigation support. He has also designed utility rate structures and assessed demand-management programs.

Since joining M&A, Gary has designed numerous dynamic simulation models that allow clients to calculate future water demands based on a range of planning scenarios and user-specified criteria. As part of two studies he conducted for water providers and regulators in Pima and Maricopa Counties, he examined factors of long-term declines in residential water demand. He also reviewed the municipal demand component of a CAP supply-and-demand model and recommended approaches for enhancing its ability to capture the impacts of polices, trends, and customer preferences.

Gary presents frequently at conferences.

Awards / Accomplishments

A faculty member of the University of Arizona’s Department of Hydrology & Water Resources, Gary has won awards for his outreach efforts to water professionals. In addition to founding the Water Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona, he was initial chair of the Santa Cruz Valley Water District and past-President of the Universities Council on Water Resources. His international work has included serving on the steering groups of two UNESCO water centers and drafting several sections of Saudi Arabia’s new National Water Act.

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