Design and testing services to develop, maintain, and optimize wellfields

To ensure that their water supplies are reliable and affordable, water providers require productive, efficient wellfields. Our professionals have experience working with a range of drilling and testing techniques in both basin-fill and hard-rock environments. Since maximizing the efficiency of an existing wellfield is often the most effective way to boost output and reduce O&M costs, we focus on optimizing production rates, avoiding degraded water quality zones, and improving system efficiency to reduce O&M costs, extend the lifetime of existing infrastructure, and improve output.


  • Developing design and construction specifications for wells
  • Evaluating the condition of existing wellfields and the potential for enhancing production
  • Conducting aquifer tests to determine hydraulic properties and characterize water quality
  • Testing well performance to determine rehabilitation or replacement requirements
  • Conducting fluid movement logging and depth sampling to evaluate the potential for mitigating water quality issues through well design and/or modification
  • Evaluating drawdown and interference effects to optimize well spacing and pumping schemes
  • Designing production wells and wellfields using approaches that maximize yield but minimize drawdown interference

To learn more, contact Juliet McKenna at 520.881.4912 or in California, Lisa Porta at 916.661.8389