Technical expertise to assess policy impacts and support legal proceedings

M&A works with public, environmental, tribal, and agricultural clients to develop reliable, affordable water resource portfolios. We evaluate specific water supply needs and consider regulations and physical availability of supplies.

We have decades of experience providing technical support for water rights claims and legal proceedings for surface water- and groundwater-related issues. Working directly with negotiating parties or through legal counsel, we provide a sound foundation that improves the efficiency and outcome of legal or transactional negotiations.


  • Legal assistance including expert witness and litigation support for stream adjudications within Arizona, groundwater adjudications within California, and other water rights claims
  • Litigation strategy support for claims related to surface water depletions caused by groundwater pumping
  • Tribal water claims and settlements, including evaluating water supplies and demands as the technical basis for water rights claims
  • Negotiations, including the sever and transfer of water rights
  • Evaluating impacts of regulatory and legal changes on access to water supplies in the western United States, including groundwater and Colorado River supplies
  • Preparing decision-making tools to support regional planning

To learn more, contact Juliet McKenna at 520.881.4912 or in California, Lisa Porta at 916.661.8389