Tailings Water Management

Operational and environmental solutions for mine tailings


Water generated by tailings storage facilities typically contains elevated concentrations of sulfates and other regulated constituents, creating challenges for many mines. M&A provides a range of services related to managing tailings water. One of these services is designing and implementing monitoring systems that range from traditional well networks to laterally and vertically distributed data-collection systems installed within impoundments. We also design interceptor wellfields and develop pumping strategies to control groundwater impacts associated with tailings.


  • Developing water balances for tailings facilities using both deterministic approaches and stochastic analyses with GoldSim
  • Utilizing GoldSim water balance models to predict the tailings pond size and seepage rates under different impoundment management scenarios
  • Characterizing ambient groundwater conditions and impacts from tailings operations
  • Designing interceptor wellfields to capture tailings seepage
  • Monitoring and analyzing unsaturated/saturated hydrologic conditions within operating impoundments with subsurface sensors and remote data collection (telemetry)
  • Sampling groundwater, surface water, and soil to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Providing support for permitting new tailings facilities and complying with regulatory requirements at planned and operational ones
  • Designing mitigation measures for regulatory compliance