Comprehensive approaches for assessing the feasibility of mining projects

Managers and investors need high-quality data and thoughtful analyses to assess the feasibility and costs of mine development. M&A conducts field testing, monitoring, and modeling to develop sound conceptual models that provide a framework for understanding existing conditions and projecting future impacts to water resources and the environment. Our decades of experience in mining hydrogeology prove their value when critical decisions need to be made – especially when decisions rely on detailed hydrogeologic investigations and analyses.


  • Drilling and testing to characterize hydrogeologic and water quality conditions
  • Conducting tests and analyzing data to estimate aquifer parameters required for modeling
  • Deploying field instrumentation to monitor hydraulic, hydrochemical, and atmospheric parameters
  • Modeling the potential impacts to water resources
  • Assessing the cumulative impacts of existing and planned projects
  • Using Leapfrog® and GIS to generate 3D block models

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