Defensible approaches for evaluating the impacts of mining on water resources

New and expanding mines with a federal nexus must prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) or environmental assessment (EA). M&A prepares the water resource portions of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) submittals using hydrologic models, proven field characterization methods, and remote sensing approaches to document existing or historical conditions and assess potential impacts. M&A also provides valuable support for the public input process. We interact with federal, state, local, and tribal agencies, as well as with special interest groups. Our public presentations are clear, objective, and scientifically defensible, communicating complex concepts to a range of audiences.


  • Characterizing water resources at site-specific and regional scales
  • Formulating alternative actions and evaluating the impacts on water quality and quantity under these alternatives using numerical and analytical models
  • Designing methods for assessing impacts
  • Designing and implementing data collection programs
  • Preparing reports and responses for public comment

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